LLP Funds

Acorn currently manages an investment holding company and is in the process of raising funds for its third LLP Fund with first close expected early in 2016.

The Acorn LLP Funds are structured as en commandite limited partnerships. Acorn therefore accepts unlimited liability on the investments made by the partnership whilst the other partners (the Limited Partner investors) assume limited liability. This ensures exclusivity and a close relationship with our investors.

Historical Funds:

Acorn General Fund One had a Southern-Africa geographic focus and invested in small- to mid-cap opportunities. It was fully invested within 21 months of first close. The fund made 5 investments and realised all of them within 6 years generating very attractive returns for investors.

Acorn Fund 1 Results Summary

Acorn Venture Technology Fund focussed on opportunities in the technology space in Southern Africa. The fund is fully realised.