The Firm

The Acorn Group was founded in June 2009 by Pierre Malan following his tenure as the CEO of PSG’s private equity vehicle, Paladin Capital.

Acorn has subsequently grown into a well-balanced, dynamic and energetic team with expert market knowledge and a commendable track record. The individuals within the team each have extensive experience in various sectors and it is the combination of these individuals and our strong partnership culture that we believe is key to Acorn’s success.

Acorn provides a platform for wealthy individuals, institutions and funding partners to participate directly in private equity through the various Acorn funds and the investment company. We focus on the Sub-Sahara African SME sector in growing industries with companies that have scope for significant and sustainable growth.

As stewards of our investors’ capital we do not take on undue risk and will aim to make investments that have a relatively low risk in relation to the industry. We follow a rigorous and disciplined investment process based on sound fundamental analysis and thorough due diligence reviews. Acorn has a modest fee structure and our fees are lower than most of our competitors. We feel this better aligns the interest between Acorn and our investors.

Acorn is one of the few dedicated private equity investment houses in South Africa that has a category ll approved FSB licence. Licence Number 41196. Acorn is also a member of the South African Venture Capital Association (SAVCA).